Che Rebel

Born in Berlin, Che Rebel discovered his passion for electronic music at the young age of 17. His roots lie in different genres of music like Rock , Hiphop and Dubstep which captivated him with energetic and overloaded sounds. His love for electronic music developed over the years, until he, inspired by the Berlin club culture, discovered his passion for techno, tech house and deep house.

Inspired by the music and the emotions that awakened in him, Che Rebel began to give free rein to his creativity in the first live electro projects. From then on, there was no turning back. He was tied up by a force that was stronger than anything he had ever known before: Electronic music! The fascination of communicating this extraordinary feeling to his listeners made it impossible for him to don't pursue his passion.

What characterizes the style of Che Rebel? Through his ability to direct the crowd with his music, he is a true mood canon. By using the players and the mixer like an instrument, he becomes a very interesting newcomer.